Peter A. Liefer II | Posted: October 1st, 2021 | Updated: October 14th, 2021

Has a brand’s seasonal marketing ever enticed you to buy more of their products? 人们期待像黑色星期五这样的交易, Christmas in July, 每一季的开始都充满了期待. 品牌经常使用季节性的营销计划来宣传他们的产品和服务, not just during the holidays.

当它是圣诞节季节或一年中另一个特殊的时间, you might want to use a seasonal marketing strategy rather than your regular one. 使用这种方法来使用季节性或传统的节日主题来为你的产品和服务做广告. You may use a certain occasion or the change of the seasons to market your business.

For business owners and marketers, 建立和实施季节性的营销策略可以增加品牌的知名度和在一年中的某些时间点的收入.


With the help of seasonal campaigns, 你可以保持你的营销策略新鲜,并使最大的促销机会全年. Special seasonal offers and discounts on the items customers want to buy thrill customers. Your marketing strategy will be more successful when it is tailored to the current season.

A holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of your seasonal marketing strategy. As an alternative, your company may launch campaigns for the four distinct seasons. Annual promotions like back-to-school, hunting, and fishing might also be effective, 这取决于你公司的目标市场.

Seasonal Marketing Planning

Is there a way for you to develop a seasonal marketing strategy for your company? 为了帮助你开始,这里有一些建议.

  1. Product, service, and other offerings should be given a creative seasonal spin.

You may spice up your company’s existing offerings with a seasonal marketing strategy. Are there any of your products or services that may benefit from some seasonal flavoring? What marketing strategies can you use to take advantage of a specific holiday or time of year?

想要在户外度过冬季假期的人可以从户外用品商店购买御寒服装. 一家销售香味蜡烛和沐浴产品的公司的母亲节营销活动可能会增加销售额. 如果你卖的是男士美容用品,父亲节的营销策略可能会对你有效. 

  1. 回顾前几年成功的营销活动

前一年成功的季节性营销策略可能会被重复,以诱使你的客户再次购买. 一些企业每年都有相同的季节性折扣,以创造消费者忠诚度,同时吸引新客户.

Seasonal marketing campaigns, like Black Friday, are used year after year by a lot of companies. It’s a well-known, well-received offer that customers actively seek out and eagerly anticipate.

  1. 将你的季节性营销策略与你的tt电子游戏中心内容相结合

When it comes to social media, make sure it aligns with your seasonal marketing strategy. 你的公司是否有网站并不重要, email list, or is featured in print or other media; your social media profiles should match your whole marketing effort.

Here’s what your seasonal marketing material on social media should accomplish:

  • Encourage people to join your mailing list by sending them a link to it.
  • Encourage customers to make purchases from your website or Instagram store.
  • 参与免费赠品和其他形式的用户生成内容,让你的观众参与进来
  • Increase your brand’s visibility
  • 通过制造轰动效应来推广你的特价商品
  1. Make use of user-generated content as part of your seasonal marketing strategy

If you’re looking for an easy way to get more material for your marketing, 考虑使用用户生成内容(UGC). 创建一个有创意的tt电子游戏中心活动,鼓励你的观众上传一张照片或一段介绍你公司的视频. 

In order to discover them, 让他们在他们的帖子中使用自定义标签并标记你, 以及在评论中标记他们的朋友. And then, 你可以转发他们的活动相关信息, 只要您提供信贷和许可的原作者. While you’re running a seasonal promotion, this is a wonderful method to keep your queue full.

  1. 举办一场与这个季节有关的赠品

Giveaways may help you expand your fan base while also raising awareness of your company. They’re effective all year round, but holiday freebies provide a special window of opportunity for your business. Customers are on the lookout for offers that go hand in hand with the current season, so make it easy for them to locate you.

2021年夏天,维拉·布拉德利举办了一场返校赠品活动,包括基本的学校用品和一张亚马逊礼品卡, for example. When people used the hashtag #backtoschool to find the post, they had a chance to win a prize.

  1. 定制电子邮件延伸,以匹配您的季节性营销计划

Don’t forget about your email list while creating your seasonal marketing strategy. Prioritize your email subscribers by sending out special offers to them first. 你甚至可以为他们创建一个单独的服务. As a result, promote these unique subscription possibilities to other people on your list.

使用电子邮件来推广你的季节性促销活动. 你可以在大揭秘之前把报价弄清楚, 或者你可以提供一系列的独家折扣给你的订户. Consider offering a special subscription discount if you sell a tangible product or service.

Final Thoughts

企业可能会利用季节性营销来提高收入,并通过使用季节性营销策略来获取新的关注者来发展自己的平台. As an overview, below are a few methods for developing a seasonal marketing strategy.

  • 考虑一下如何在当前的促销活动中加入季节性元素
  • 年复一年,重复有效的活动
  • Incorporate your social media presence into your holiday marketing strategy, if appropriate
  • 当你开始你的活动,重新定位过去的客户和温暖的线索.
  • Make use of user-generated content (UGC) to enhance your social media postings
  • 使用有针对性的推广活动,让你的电子邮件列表发挥作用

Is a seasonal marketing strategy something you’re thinking about implementing this year? 请让我们知道您是否希望tt电子游戏网投帮助您创建一个创收的季节性营销活动!