YouTube成立于2005年. Few could imagine the extent that video would become such a force in the digital era with such a ubiquitous presence across the internet. Every year video marketing has grown 和 is accelerating. Video distribution to sites like YouTube is one of the fastest ways to advertise your business.

Video marketing accomplishes all the work that traditional marketing does, 但是随着效应的放大. People will engage with your 内容 much more if it has visual 内容. 照片可以极大地提高参与度. Just think how much more moving pictures can increase engagement. Video 内容 will engage people 和 ignite emotions more than any other visual medium.

Videos are an important step in 客户 journey

购买的道路是复杂的. Consumers see your br和 in many places before becoming a lead. There are many ways for people to either find you – or find your competitor. Consumers may consult 10 different sources before they buy, 所以它可以是这些来源的任意组合.

On this customer journey when they see your video, it has a powerful impact in helping them decide whether to purchase. An effective video marketing campaign will move them right down the path to purchase.


Your business’s marketing strategy needs to change with the times or become obsolete. It is predicted that by 2019 most 内容 marketing will be video.

年前, 制作视频 was something only expensive productions companies could do. Today, even your smartphone can make decent videos. You need to use video as part of your overall marketing strategy if you are not doing so. Your competitors are probably already using video marketing.


人们会说, “I created this video 和 I got only 4 people 和 I’m wondering if video is really for me.” Just creating a video putting it somewhere 和 thinking that somebody is just going to come across it, 特别是如果你是个小公司, 不推广很难吗.

There are lots of ways to promote your video with social media 和 paid advertising. PPC ads can quickly grow an audience – 和 then as your audience grows you can pull back 和 just watch visitors 和 clicks on your video grow organically.

The video marketing experts at tt电子游戏网投 can help promote your video as part of your social media marketing 和 run effective PPC campaigns for you.


tt电子游戏网投 offers video distribution 和 video optimization as one of its many 内容 marketing services. Online video makes it possible for your current 和 potential clients to learn about your company 和 become familiar with your products or services, 哪一种最终会带来更多的销量.

tt电子游戏网投’s 视频营销 Service submits your company’s video to video search engines 和 sharing sites, 包括YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion和更多. The videos are then indexed for optimum search engine optimization to reach the desired target markets.

我们的凤凰, Arizona video marketing team can help you strategize 和 find ways to maximize your video’s impact online. 请于今日致电本公司索取免费报价.